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Magical Mushroom Bags

Magic 5lb All-In-One Mushroom Growing Bag

Magic 5lb All-In-One Mushroom Growing Bag

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Grow 4+ OUNCES of mushrooms from each bag!!

These bags ship with alcohol pads and free stickers!
Perfect for dung/manure loving mushroom varieties!
Colonize in the bag, fruit in the bag! All you need to do is inject your choice of genetics, wait for colonization to occur, mix with the substrate layer, then fruit and harvest!

All in one bag including self healing injection port, 2lbs 8oz of hydrated grain and 2lbs 8oz of coir, vermiculite, and gypsum substrate! Perfect for whatever gourmet or medicinal genetics you choose to purchase from another vendor (not included!). These bags work great for manure/dung loving varieties of mushrooms! 

We sterilize our bags for over 2 HOURS, much longer than recommended sterilization techniques! Want to avoid having to run a loud steamy pressure cooker in your kitchen for hours at a time, just to have your projects fail? That's where we come in!! 

3 Easy steps! 


Break and shake


Super easy to use, super fast! Grow time for most varieties grown in this bag are ready to harvest in 6-8 weeks!

Amount grown depends on variety and environment for the bag.

Orders ship in the order they are received.

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