FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product good for a beginner? 

Our All In One Bags are great for beginners! They require very little preparation, very little materials outside of what we sell, and are easier to take care of than a house plant! While being simple, they also produce plenty of mushrooms while making a fun project, especially for first timers! Their affordability is also great, other kits marketed for beginners can be well over $100 and include various equipment that you won't use for other projects, don't need for what they're selling you, and are generally just a waste of stuff; stuff that you'll end up throwing away. Our kit is super easy and able to be grown from start to finish with everything a normal household has (minus the genetic material! You need the seeds for the soil so to speak!)


Where do I get genetics? 

If you want to get spores to look at with a microscope, we recommend searching Google for Eden Shrooms, if you use the coupon code BOOMINGACRES there you'll get 10% off! Do not combine their spores with our products as that would germinate the spores and grow varieties which may be illegal based on your location. Our products are ONLY for LEGAL growing, so please do not do this. 

What materials do I need? 

All that you need to grow with our bags is a spore solution or liquid culture. Why is that not included you might ask? Well, the varieties that most people want to grow are illegal in some places, including where we operate from, so if we were to have the genetic material (spores) for growing those varieties alongside the materials to grow them, we would be breaking the law. Obviously if someone were to buy one of our products, then purchase genetic material for other reasons, such as to look at with a microscope, nobody would know what the buyer was doing with them and nobody can say what the intention with two separate products from two separate vendors is! 

How long does this take? 

Depending on your genetics, growing can take a wide range of time. Spores can take anywhere from 7-21 days to germinate enough for you to visibly see them. After that, depending on how much genetic material you used and how much grain you're using it can take 2-4 weeks to colonize your grain. Once you spawn your grain (or if you're using an all in one bag, once you mix the grain with your substrate) it can take another 2-3 weeks to colonize the substrate. After that you should see pins or fruits forming within a week and harvesting within a week after that! 

What's the best environment for my bag? 

We recommend keeping your bag in an area with low air movement and temperatures between 70-75 degrees. If your grow area is colder than that, we recommend placing your bag into a tote box or cardboard box and placing that on a seedling heat mat. This will heat up the air inside the box which will heat up the entire bag rather than just the bottom of the bag. 

Lighting for your bag is not a major factor, it's best to keep your bag out of direct sunlight as the sunlight can damage mycelium. Mushrooms do not need light to grow, but they will grow towards light, so if you want to add a light source to your grow area, it's best to just have a small light over the top of your bag. 

How fast do you ship things? Where's my order? 

We send orders as we receive them. We do not keep much inventory on the shelves since we want to ensure everything is fresh for all of our customers. Typically we aim for orders to be sent within 5-7 days from your order. If your order is large; 20 bags or more, it can take longer than that. Once we hand off your packages, we do not control the speed of delivery, we cannot alter where or when your delivery will be made, and we do not do the delivery ourselves. If you are in the northern Chicago area we do offer order pick up and will happily refund shipping!