The last grow bag you'll ever need

Grow in the bag, harvest from the bag. Inject and forget, then harvest. Couldn't be easier!


Substrate with soul - and history!

We use a coco coir based substrate, along with varying grades of vermiculite, fortified with gypsum. Tried and true for over 20 years of mushroom growing! This substrate is going to give you the flushes you want, no question about it!

Grains for gains!

Extra clean grains are hydrated to maximum capacity, meaning your mushrooms will be as strong; and heavy, as possible! With properly made grains come fast growing mycelium and large growing mushrooms. Find out why our product beats the others in terms of speed, and yield!

Quality from top to bottom

10mm Industrial seal ensures sterility from facility to your doorstep.

.2 Micron filter means no contaminants can get in!

Injection port specifically designed for mushroom bags!

Our materials are sourced from vendors in the US, our bags are made in the US, our grain is grown in the US!

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Mushroom supplies are what we do best. We have the contacts you want to have, without having to search for them. Intersted in grains, all-in-one bags, substrate, agar, or genetic material? We can source you everything you need for large grows, retail store products, or white label materials.